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Carpet Binding in Ojai, Oak view, Ventura, Santa Paula, Santa Barbara and Surrounding Areas

Chisum’s Floor Covering Offers Custom Binding for Just the Right Rug.
Custom binding a carpet is a long-kept secret of interior decorators and Chisum's Floor Covering is here to shed some light on the subject. The carpet can be from designer remnants to rolls of broadloom that are in-house or special ordered.

Retail area rugs come in standard sizes, within a few inches of 5x7, 8x10 and 9x12. If you want a square area rug that is 10x10, if there is one available, the rugs that venture outside of the “normal” sizes can be pricey. To fabricate the same rug would cost the amount of the yardage needed, and a modest fee for the binding; it’s that simple.

Specialty shapes are what carpet binding is all about.

Off the rack area rugs are rectangles or circles. Since your carpet is custom cut, it’s easy to change things up by putting a bit of design in the shape. For example, giving a gentle swoop to straight edges automatically gives the area rug some interest; the same type of tweak can happen with corners – rounding them up is unexpected and easy to do.

Twill tape and polyester are two types of carpet binding.

Since the carpet is cut, it will have at least two raw edges. To stop the raw edges from raveling, and give them a more pleasing look, the edges are bound. For the sake of symmetry, if part of a rug needs binding it is customary to bind all the edges. At Chisum’s Floor Covering, we offer tape and polyester carpet binding.

  • Twill tape: A folded, wide cotton twill tape envelops the edges. A commercial sewing machine stitches through the three layers (twill-edge-twill) for a neat finish. The tape can match or contrast the carpet.
  • Polyester: The edges are closely overstitched with a serger sewing machine, the threads cover the edge. This is the method to choose if you want to add a fringe embellishment to the area rug.

Carpet binding is convenient and local.

Chisum’s Floor Covering performs the binding at our Ojai showroom. You don't have to be an interior decorator to get custom binding done at Chisum's Floor Covering.

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