Installation in Ojai, Oak view, Ventura, Santa Paula, Santa Barbara and Surrounding Areas

Covering offers professional residential flooring installation.
Since 1965, Chisum’s Floor Covering has provided beautiful flooring and skilled installations to the area around Ojai, including Oak View, Santa Paula, Meiners Oaks, Santa Barbara and Ventura County. The goal of a Chisum’s installation team is to leave no trail; all you should see when you look at an installation is the flooring.

Once you have made your flooring selection, we will professionally measure the area receiving the floor, so we can give you an accurate estimate. The measurements are also used by our installation team to plan how to lay the flooring – where seams and go, pattern diagrams for tile or how the direction of the carpet’s nap should go.

Preparing for your flooring installation

There are many things the homeowner can do to make sure the installation starts out right. Recommendations may vary depending on the materials being installed, but these pointers apply to most:

  • Arrange your schedule so you will be at home during the installation as occasions arise where you may be asked to OK last minute changes.
  • Children and pets do not belong at an installation; please plan for them to be kept safely away.
  • The installers will need a cleared workspace adjacent to the installation.
  • If you live in a gated or secure community, alert security that there will be delivery trucks and installers arriving; collect rearview mirror hangers or other passes as necessary – if you give us a call we can come and pick them up ahead of time.
  • A walk through will be done for final approval.

On the day of flooring installation

Once the installation team arrives, they will check the flooring to make sure there are no flaws or damage. Then, it’s good to go.

After the installers have finished, you’ll be asked to walk through the finished job for approval. If there are any adjustments to be made, they will be done as soon as possible. Chisum’s considers your flooring installation complete, only when you are 100 percent happy with your flooring and our work.

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