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Cork flooring galleries to get you inspired for your next flooring project with Chisum's Floor Covering in Ojai, CA


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Have you considered flooring your home with cork?

If you’re not familiar with all that cork flooring can do for you, we urge you to stop and consider it for a moment. It offers extensive and unique characteristics that might better suit your needs than many other materials you’ve researched. For instance, it’s an amazing material for sound reduction, heat retention, and yet it’s durable and long-lasting as well. It works well in a variety of settings too, making it a great choice for homeowners who want continuity throughout their home. You can make sure it’s exactly what you want by spending more time researching it and that’s where we can help.

Chisum's Floor Covering has more than fifty years of experience in the flooring industry and we offer an excellent selection of flooring materials. However, the most important material is the one that best suits your very own preferences and requirements. With that in mind, we invite you to visit us at our Ojai, CA showroom, where we currently serve the communities of Ojai, Oak View, Santa Paula, Meiners Oaks, Ventura County, and Santa Barbara. We’d love to be of service to you too and hope that you’ll come in and see us soon. Our professional associates are standing by; ready to help you find the flooring of your dreams.

Eco-friendly cork flooring in Santa Barbara, CA from Chisum's Floor Covering

Cork floors really work for you

The tiny air pockets present in cork flooring offer exceptional benefits for every homeowner. It’s particularly useful in busy homes where sound reduction is preferred because it soaks up much of the household noise that can bounce around on hard surface floors. The same air pockets can also help keep your house warmer and more comfortable to the touch, actually acting as a layer of insulation. This is particularly useful for homes with children and toddlers who spend a lot of time on the floor.

As a 100% natural flooring material, cork has some outstanding benefits. It improves the quality of life for those with allergies, as the naturally occurring Suberin stops mildew, mold, and bacteria growth. It’s resistant to fire and even if it is burned, it releases no toxic substances into the air. It even helps prevent the permanent dents that can occur under heavy furniture but it’s also easy to repair if it gets damaged.

Best of all, cork is harvested from living trees, meaning no trees are killed in creating this floor covering. That’s great news for those concerned with the environment.

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