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Stunning glass tile and all its benefits

It’s hard to find another flooring material as gorgeous, versatile, and durable as glass tile. While it does have its specification for installation, maintenance, and care, it also provides an amazing wealth of benefits that works in nearly every room. For instance, in kitchens, it’s durable, easy to clean, and matches your decor with ease. In bathrooms, it offers complete water resistance in addition to its usual characteristics. If you think there’s a chance this material might work for you, make sure you take time to compare it to your list of requirements and preferences.

Chisum's Floor Covering is completely dedicated to the satisfaction of our customers. When you shop our Ojai, CA showroom, you’re sure to find materials that really work for you. We also provide professional services so that you don’t have to feel like you’re alone in any aspect of your flooring endeavor. From picking the best material to installation and all the way through to aftercare, you’ll understand why our more than 50 years of experience is worth taking advantage of. We proudly serve the areas of Ojai, Oak View, Santa Paula, Meiners Oaks, Ventura County, and Santa Barbara. We look forward to your visit.
Glass tile accents in Meiners Oaks, CA from Chisum's Floor Covering

Glass tile does more than you think

Glass tile is not a new concept in flooring and accent materials. In fact, it’s been used for years and still remains a very popular option for homeowners who want a hint of elegance, even amidst the mundane. The decorative possibilities are nearly endless, with various sizes and an abundance of finishes and elements. This means you can easily match any and all decor, choosing from different size formats, see-through and non-see-through tiles, and many finishes such as frosted, feathered, textured, and so much more. No room is off-limits for these materials, as they can fit right in with any motif or style.

Due to its waterproof nature, glass tile can also be used as wall accent pieces, edging, and can be used to create matching backsplashes. The fact that they are waterproof, allow no penetration of liquids or grease, and are super easy to clean, means they are nearly maintenance-free. These are the kinds of materials every homeowner is ecstatic to receive. These benefits also make them hypoallergenic and very good for the health of your home and family, as they allow absolutely no bacteria, mildew, or mold growth.

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