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When you want the best waterproof vinyl tile flooring see us at Chisum's Floor Covering

Many homeowners are looking for new, modern waterproof vinyl tile for their homes. The problem, of course, is there are not that many flooring stores that offer this type of flooring. We do at Chisum's Flooring Covering in Ojai, CA. So, why are so many homeowners looking for waterproof flooring?

There is a difference between water-resistant and waterproof flooring. The vast majority of vinyl tile flooring is capable of resisting water, but only a few brands are able to truly be waterproof. These manufacturers have designed special materials and tile edge connection systems that keep water from seeping down to the sub-floor, and that is what makes them such a good investment for any homeowner.

As a homeowner, you already know that there are many ways that excess water can get onto your flooring. A broken water pipe, an over-flooring commode, or an opened window during a rainstorm, are only a few ways that flooring gets very wet.

Waterproof flooring in Ojai, CA from Chisum's Floor Covering

When any of these events happen, homeowners are often faced with damaged sub-flooring, and that means having to take up the current flooring and either letting the sub-flooring dry out or replacing it if it is made of most types of wood. As you might imagine, avoiding these problems is better than dealing with them, and that is where waterproof vinyl tile comes into play.

If you are thinking of new vinyl flooring, come see us first, and let us show you some of the best flooring on the market today. We serve a large area that includes: Ojai, Oak View, Santa Paula, Meiners Oaks, Ventura County, and Santa Barbara. And, yes, we do offer professional installation services.

When you need the best waterproof vinyl tile flooring, visit with us at Chisum's Floor Covering in Ojai, CA.

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